Company Overview

Spectra Electrical 20th Anniversary
Spectra Electrical's History

Our History

Established in 2001, Spectra Electrical Services, Inc., has consistently grown with each year into a mid-sized full-service Electrical Contractor. Spectra employs an average of 150 personnel with annual revenues totaling more than $20M.

Spectra is consistently recognized, year after year, as the #1 Electrical Contractor by Ranking Arizona, and gains National Attention for Quality, Growth and Safety.

These achievements, while notable and appreciated, are simply a reflection of Spectra’s dedication to excellence with an eye on safety for all employees who contribute to our success.

Our office is located at 2519 West Geneva Drive in Tempe, AZ. All are welcome to tour our facility.

Our Mission
“Spectra Electrical Services, Inc. is committed to the delivery of quality electrical installations, done in a timely manner. We also provide these services at a competitive cost to our customers. At the same time, safety of our employees is also a top priority along with creating a challenging and rewarding work environment.”
Airplane Hanger electrical work

Guiding values

We will provide for the safety of our people, through training and accountability.
We shall have pride in our work.
We are dedicated to excellence in each aspect of our business.
We shall remain resolute in our commitment to complete each project safely, on time, and under budget.
We will seek "win-win" situations through teamwork.
We will respect our people, clients, vendors and other business partners.
We demand accountability of ourselves through personal ownership of actions, attitudes & opinions.

Spectra overview

Company Name: Spectra Electrical Services, Inc. (SES)

Address: 2519 W. Geneva Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (480) 446-7200

Fax: (480) 446-7300

Officers: John Brunia - President, Mike Reid - Executive Vice President, Jimmy Stasko - Vice President of Field Operations

Safety EMR: .98

Established: 2001

Legal Organization: Corporation

Licenses held


C11 - Commercial Electrical (ROC 171624)
R11 - Residential Contracting (ROC 235764)
A17 - Electrical & Transmission Lines (ROC 299616)
B01 - Commercial General Contracting (ROC 235764)

Bonding Capacity - $25M single; $75M aggregate

Management Software Systems: Microsoft Office, ACCUBID, Construct Job, TraSer, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, Foundation

Maricopa County Air Quality Registration: #SC0801120