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Team Spectra

Executive Leadership

John Brunia - President
John Brunia

Having spent time in his 20+ year career in the General Contracting, Mechanical and Electrical fields, John possesses a diverse background in construction related project management and estimating, with a heavy emphasis in the electrical field. John has worked in the design/build, new construction, light industrial, high-tech and service related areas within the industry. John’s responsibilities at SES include supervising our team of Project Manager / Estimators, overseeing all of the marketing, project management & estimating activities to include bid proposals, project delivery, labor & cost tracking and customer service.

Mike Reid - Vice President
Mike Reid

Following in his father's footsteps, Mike began his 35+ year career in the Electrical trade by serving an ABA Apprenticeship while working for his father's Electrical Contracting business while growing up in the Midwest. Having worked in almost every capacity within the trade during his career, Mike has acquired a well rounded background of the entire Electrical trade, ultimately specializing within the Heavy Industrial sector. Having earned a reputation for commitment to his ability to blend his vast technical knowledge with his Client's needs, while remaining mindful of safety and budget. As head of our Industrial operations, Mike’s responsibilities at SES include pre-construction activities, project management, project specific estimating, project delivery, labor / cost tracking and Client relations.

Field Management

Jimmy Stasko - Superintendent
Jimmy Stasko

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Project Management

Kyle Knopp - Project Manager
Kyle Knopp

As a graduate of Arizona State University's Del E. Webb School of Construction and a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Kyle's project leadership, organizational skills and attention to detail contribute to the successful "cradle-to-grave" nature of construction project management. With a varied project portfolio, including many large-scale commercial electrical projects around the State of Arizona (up to $11M in contract value) and a multi-year tenure within the fast-paced and ever changing environment of an un-named hi-tech semiconductor manufacturer, Kyle not only possesses the necessary skill-set to oversee Spectra's multiple JOC Programs, but also to provide the additional "value added" approach Clients have come to expect from Spectra.

Alan Zombolas - Project Manager
Alan Zombolas

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Jason Endsley - Project Manager
Jason Endsley

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Brock Daniels - Project Manager
Brock Daniels

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David Barndollar - Service Coordinator
David Barndollar

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Mark Reiser - Chief Estimator
Mark Reiser

Coming from a family with deep roots within the electrical construction industry, it was only natural for Mark to begin his career as an IBEW Apprentice. Upon graduating from the JATC and over the next 35 years, Mark held multiple positions and was able to quickly ascend through the ranks into Electrical Construction Management. Working in his home state of New Jersey, as well as other the Eastern seaboard states, Mark has worked on many different project types, systems and sizes. Mark's wealth of knowledge, technical & managerial expertise, attention to detail, ability to listen to & respond to Client requests, jovial demeanor and commitment to excellence allow Mark to successfully and consistently win many of the bid proposals he puts together.

John Kwinski - Estimator
John Kwinski

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry under his belt, mainly in the electrical trade, John is well rounded in all aspects of construction. John's multi-faceted experience lends itself well to his role as the head of Spectra's Service / Facilities Group where he oversees all aspects of estimating, project management, resource allocation and Client relations for the group. John's work ethic, commitment to safety and dedication to his Clients distinguishes him within the construction industry as a "go-to" person who can be counted on to complete the most challenging of projects.


John Sralik - Safety Director
John Sralik

Following a family tradition of military service, John enlisted in the United States Navy and began his 30+ year career as a safety professional in the nuclear and construction industries. John's career demonstrates a well-rounded level of environmental and project related experiences. Running the gamut from his days as a machinist mate aboard the USS Arkansas in the US Navy to nuclear power plants, environmental restoration, manufacturing and on to many construction projects, John's exposure to such a broad array of environments, personnel and project types each contribute to his daily mission to create a safe work environment for each member of the Team at Spectra Electrical Services, Inc. John has earned a reputation for to his ability to blend his vast technical knowledge with the Client's needs, while remaining mindful of Safety, schedule and budget. As head of our Safety department, John’s responsibilities at SES include safety training, pre-construction activities, project specific safety planning and execution, as well as managing our worker's compensation insurance program.


Connie Perez - Office Manager
Connie Perez

Connie provides administrative support and direction in many capacities at SES. Connie's duties include project related support for our field and project management, licensing requirements / maintenance, accounts payable and accounts receivables, as well as special projects that may arise from time to time.

Teri Holmes - Payroll / Accounts Payable
Dylan McConnell

Teri has spent her entire career in Construction accounting, starting with her father's civil construction company. Working closely with the Executive and Management Teams at Spectra, Teri's day-to-day work includes processing Spectra's timecards, payroll, payroll reporting and Accounts Payable.

Leslie Johanson - Accounts Receivable, Licensing & Taxes
Dylan McConnell

Leslee has worked in the Construction Industry in varying capacities over the years, mainly within the accounting arena. Currently, Leslee handles all of our licensing, taxes and Accounts Receiveable.

Pedro Rodriguez - Warehouse / Tool & Equipment Manager
Pedro Rodriguez

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