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Team Spectra

Executive Leadership

John Brunia - President
John Brunia

Having spent time in his 20+ year career in the General Contracting, Mechanical and Electrical fields, John possesses a diverse background in construction related project management and estimating, with a heavy emphasis in the electrical field. John has worked in the design/build, new construction, light industrial, high-tech and service related areas within the industry. John’s responsibilities at SES include supervising our team of Project Manager / Estimators, overseeing all of the marketing, project management & estimating activities to include bid proposals, project delivery, labor & cost tracking and customer service.

Mike Reid - Vice President
Mike Reid

Following in his father's footsteps, Mike began his 35+ year career in the Electrical trade by serving an ABA Apprenticeship while working for his father's Electrical Contracting business while growing up in the Midwest. Having worked in almost every capacity within the trade during his career, Mike has acquired a well rounded background of the entire Electrical trade, ultimately specializing within the Heavy Industrial sector. Having earned a reputation for commitment to his ability to blend his vast technical knowledge with his Client's needs, while remaining mindful of safety and budget. As head of our Industrial operations, Mike’s responsibilities at SES include pre-construction activities, project management, project specific estimating, project delivery, labor / cost tracking and Client relations.

Field Management

Jimmy Stasko - Superintendent
Jimmy Stasko

With a nod to the past and a vision for the future of Electrical Contracting, Jimmy Stasko is committed to excellence, customer service and leading an industry wide charge in bringing technology to the field to aid in effective communication and efficient installations. Possessing a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Jimmy provides solid leadership of our field efforts in the execution of our many and diverse project types. From serving an Electrical Apprenticeship in the Chicagoland area at Local 701, to acting a General Foreman on projects up to $7.5 million in value and as a Superintendent overseeing the safety and productivity for up to 120 men, Jimmy has brings the ability to understand the needs of a project and ability to deliver the required resources that enable SES to field an impressive array of Tradesmen in which to service our Clients needs. Jimmy’s responsibilities at SES include overseeing the training of our field personnel, pre-construction activities such as pre-bid job walks and/or conferences, review of project resource requirements, selection of supervisor(s) and manpower for each project, resource scheduling, site visits and the Safety of our field staff.

Project Management

Alan Zombolas - Project Manager
Alan Zombolas

Alan possesses 35+ years of construction experience. Alan brings a wealth of knowledge to any construction project, due to his diverse work history. From serving an Electrical Apprenticeship through the Phoenix Area Local union 640, to acting a General Foreman on projects up to $15 million in value and as a Superintendent overseeing the safety and productivity for up to 120 men. Alan’s ability to understand the needs of our Customers, combined with his 35+ years in various Field related capacities, serve to promote the consistent delivery of on-time and under budget projects for our Customers. Alan’s responsibilities at SES include pre-construction activities such as pre-bid jobwalks and/or conferences, review of project resource requirements, project budgeting and project management of twenty-five (25) JOC contracts that Spectra currently holds with various State, Educational and Municipal entities across the State of Arizona.

Jason Endsley - Project Manager
Jason Endsley

Upon graduation from high school, Jason joined the US Army, serving in the 1st Calvary, in Germany and Bosnia. After completion of service, Jason returned to his native Alaska to follow in his family's footsteps and began his IBEW Apprenticeship training to become a Journeyman Electrician. Graduation from the IBEW Apprenticeship program led Jason to work as a Foreman and JW on multiple projects across the State of Alaska. In 2001, Jason and his family relocated to Arizona where he began work on various commercial project. With a career goal of progressing into Construction Project Management, Jason completed his project management education, all the while working full-time and raising a family. Armed with the experience and education to do so, Jason capitalized on an opportunity presented to him by accepting a position as a Construction Manager in Solar construction, where he provided oversight of all trades on various large scale utility and commercial solar projects across the United States. Due to the grueling travel schedule required of him and wanting to spend more time with his family, Jason returned home to Arizona in late 2017 to join the Team at Spectra Electrical Services, Inc.

David Barndollar - Project Manager
David Barndollar

Upon graduation from high school, David joined the IBEW Apprenticeship to begin his career in the Electrical Industry. After 4 years of classroom study and a combined 8,000 On-the-Job-Training (OJT), David graduated in the top of his class. Quickly moving on from larger projects, David accepted a position as a Service Electrician with SES, where he honed his Customer Service skills, while continuing to learn the "business" side of the Electrical Industry. And yet again in short order, David was promoted to Service / Special Projects Project Manager, where he currently holds responsibilities for Client relations, estimating and service / project coordination at SES.

Mike Robbins - Project Manager
Mike Robbins

Mike began his 25 year career in the Electrical trade while attending high school, through various vo-tech classes and working on the weekends. After graduating, he served an IBEW Apprenticeship while working for his father's Electrical Contracting business. Having worked in almost every capacity within the trade during his career, Mike has acquired a well rounded background of not only the trade itself, but the business aspects as well. Over the years, Mike honed and specialized his personal skill set in troubleshooting and problem-solving skills within the Service sector. It is this focus and pride in troubleshooting at the field level which, when coupled with Mike's innate customer service skills, allowed him to make a smooth transition into the world of electrical project management. Mike’s responsibilities at SES include pre-construction activities, project management, project specific estimating, project delivery, labor / cost tracking and Client relations.

Brock Daniels - Project Manager
Brock Daniels

Upon graduation from St. Ambrose University with a degree in marketing and finance, Brock elected to follow in his family’s footsteps by entering the construction industry. Having played collegiately and professionally in the sport of baseball, Brock brings a competitive commitment for success to all Project Management teams he works with. His education and working background, coupled with an organized, motivated, disciplined and goal oriented personal approach to his work, are assets which lend themselves perfectly to the high paced, chaotic world of construction . In executing work with the teams he is assigned to at any given time, Brock prides himself on building sustaining relationships, partnering, communication, use of technology to affect efficiency in the delivery of our products, financial oversight and strict adherence to project budgets & schedules. With the requisite ‘know how” and drive to help Spectra Electrical Services remain at the forefront of an ever-changing technological industry and its use in the construction industry, Brock oversees all field related technology needs for the organization, in addition to his project support duties.

Parker Tow - Project Engineer
Parker Tow

After receiving a degree in Business Management and Marketing from St. Ambrose University, Parker helped to open a new branch for one of the largest Home Health Care companies in the state of Iowa. It is through this experience that Parker gained many vital a critical skills required to succeed in the world of construction management. Along the way, Parker developed a passion to identify means & methods to help individuals and businesses not only achieve but exceed their goals. After working in the corporate world of "cube farms" and "numbers", Parker realized it was time for a change in careers. Since joining Team Spectra as a Project Engineer Parker has provided administrative and technology support to our on-site Project Management Team at a large semi-conductor facility. With each day presenting new challenges and responsibilities, Parker has proven to be a Team player each step of the way, by accepting every opportunity to increase his skill set and experience. Most recently, Parker accepted the challenge to oversee the launch of BIM services for our clients, in addition to his day-to-day activities.

Pam Reid - Project Engineer
Pam Reid

Bio coming soon!


Mark Reiser - Chief Estimator
Mark Reiser

Coming from a family with deep roots within the electrical construction industry, it was only natural for Mark to begin his career as an IBEW Apprentice. Upon graduating from the JATC and over the next 35 years, Mark held multiple positions and was able to quickly ascend through the ranks into Electrical Construction Management. Working in his home state of New Jersey, as well as other the Eastern seaboard states, Mark has worked on many different project types, systems and sizes. Mark's wealth of knowledge, technical & managerial expertise, attention to detail, ability to listen to & respond to Client requests, jovial demeanor and commitment to excellence allow Mark to successfully and consistently win many of the bid proposals he puts together.

John Kwinski - Estimator
John Kwinski

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry under his belt, mainly in the electrical trade, John is well rounded in all aspects of construction. John's multi-faceted experience lends itself well to his role as the head of Spectra's Service / Facilities Group where he oversees all aspects of estimating, project management, resource allocation and Client relations for the group. John's work ethic, commitment to safety and dedication to his Clients distinguishes him within the construction industry as a "go-to" person who can be counted on to complete the most challenging of projects.


John Sralik - Safety Director
John Sralik

Following a family tradition of military service, John enlisted in the United States Navy and began his 30+ year career as a safety professional in the nuclear and construction industries. John's career demonstrates a well-rounded level of environmental and project related experiences. Running the gamut from his days as a machinist mate aboard the USS Arkansas in the US Navy to nuclear power plants, environmental restoration, manufacturing and on to many construction projects, John's exposure to such a broad array of environments, personnel and project types each contribute to his daily mission to create a safe work environment for each member of the Team at Spectra Electrical Services, Inc. John has earned a reputation for to his ability to blend his vast technical knowledge with the Client's needs, while remaining mindful of Safety, schedule and budget. As head of our Safety department, John’s responsibilities at SES include safety training, pre-construction activities, project specific safety planning and execution, as well as managing our worker's compensation insurance program.


Steven Taylor - Purchasing Agent
Steven Taylor

Steven began his career in the area of procurement and delivery logistics on a large scale with the USAF, specializing in Logistics & Aerial Delivery. Upon separating from the USAF, Steven coupled his acquired skill set obtained during his time in the military and his personal love of mechanics / mechanical aptitude, by capitalizing on an opportunity to work in an auto-shop as a Service Coordinator. It is in this position that Steven was first exposed to and excelled at Customer Service with the general public. Despite enjoying the work and excelling in this position, Steven was forced to relocate to Arizona due to familial circumstances. Steven was then hired at Southwest Airlines as a Ground / Ramp Agent Supervisor. After 5 years with SWA and wanting to act upon his lifelong desire for a career in field of Construction, Steven joined the Team at Spectra Electrical Services in the capacity of Purchasing Agent. It is in this role that Steven is able to apply his many professionally acquired skills and personal strengths of leadership, organization, critical thinking, along with his ability to remain calm under duress, Steven is highly enthusiastic, energetic possess a can-do attitude and is 100% resolute in providing the highest levels of internal and external Customer Service while supporting the efforts of our multiple project Teams. Steven's responsibilities include procurement of and delivery coordination to the job sites of materials, tools and equipment in the most cost effective manner, maintenance of company owned vehicles & equipment and overseeing the warehouse / delivery personnel.

Teri Holmes - Payroll / Accounts Payable
Dylan McConnell

Teri has spent her entire career in Construction accounting, starting with her father's civil construction company. Working closely with the Executive and Management Teams at Spectra, Teri's day-to-day work includes processing Spectra's timecards, payroll, payroll reporting and Accounts Payable.

Leslie Johanson - Accounts Receivable, Licensing & Taxes
Dylan McConnell

Leslee has worked in the Construction Industry in varying capacities over the years, mainly within the accounting arena. Currently, Leslee handles all of our licensing, taxes and Accounts Receiveable.

Courtney Hutchinson - Site Administrator
Courtney Hutchinson

Bio coming soon!

Alex Brunia
Alex Brunia

Bio coming soon!

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